Important Days



World Health Day 2007 - Invest in health, build a safer future
  World health Day 2007: Invest in Health, Build a Safer Future Issues Paper
  International Health Security: A Concept Paper for World Health Day 2007
Invest in Health Build a Safer Future
  World Health Day

World Water Day 2007

Water Resources: Managing a Scarce, Shared Resource 
  World Water Day 2007 theme: Coping with Water Scarcity
  Facts and Figures extracted from the 2nd United Nations World Water Development Report
  Fun Facts About Water
  International Women’s Day 2007's_Day
Theme: Ending Impunity for Violence against Women and Girls
  Ending impunity for Violence against Women and Girls 
  Facts & Figures
  World Leprosy Day 2007
  On Sunday, January 28th Hundreds of Canadian Churches Will Fight to Make Leprosy History
  Advocacy for the rights of people affected with leprosy
  About Leprosy

World Aids Day 2006

You Me Us - We Can Stop the Spread of HIV
  Red ribbon history
  UNAIDS Fact Sheet: Global Facts & Figures
  Fact Sheet: Asia
  International Literacy Day 2006
  Facts about International Literacy Day
  International Literacy Day 2006
  An Urgent Need To Support Education
  International Literacy Day