Scheme for providing pre-used computers/laptops/printers (in working condition) to underprivileged children passing out of the Habitat Learning Centre

The Habitat Learning Centre (HLC) was set up by the India Habitat Centre in 2002 to bring the world of IT to the under-privileged and under-served children of Delhi. HLC has since come a long way and now offers a three-month Basic Computer Course (BCC), an eight-month Advanced Computer Course (ADCC) and an eight-month Skill Development Course (SDC) in four streams (Accounting Principles, Content Management System, Hardware & Networking, Visual Documentation). ADCC and SDC also include content on functional English communication. Certificates of participation are provided to students clearing online examinations conducted by HLC.

A committed team of in-house professionals are involved in the teaching process and a total of 235 students have successfully completed SDC courses up to year 2015. Currently 69 children are enrolled for these courses.

It was observed that in many cases, the students were not able to continue their learning experience and upgrade their skills in the absence of computers at their residence. Accordingly HLC launched an initiative in 2015 to provide previously used computers available with IHC, to the students who have completed the Skill Development Courses. 62 students have each been given a computer on which Open Source software has been pre-loaded. A UPS was also provided to each student. This facility not only enables the children to sustain and enhance the vocational skills acquired but also promotes their ultimate goal of economic self-reliance.

The feedback obtained from the students has been very encouraging and many students have reported that other members of their family have also benefitted. In view of the positive feedback, IHC has now decided to convert this initiative into an Annual scheme. Accordingly an Appeal to Members of India Habitat Centre is being launched, for donation of previously used computers/laptops/printers (in working condition).

IHC is grateful that institutions like the International Labour Organisation have joined this initiative and looks forward to a positive response from other Members as well.

Details of the minimum configuration of equipment and the protocol for delivering the equipment to the Habitat Learning Centre may kindly be seen at Annexure-1.

Those Members who are interested in participating in this programme are requested to kindly contact or or, with details of the equipment as per format at Annexure-2.

HLC would request all donors to kindly ensure that equipment in working condition are provided by them. It may be noted that in case the equipment is not found in working condition it would either be used for training or disposed of without any further intimation to the donors.

Donors may kindly note that equipment will not be tagged with the name of the donors. IHC will interface with the students for all issues related to the equipment. The functionality available is clearly indicated to the students and they are duly informed that no further support will be available for the equipment. However, prior to donation the equipment is rechecked and confirmed as being in working condition by IHC IT team.

The India Habitat Centre is fully committed to assisting these underprivileged students and looks forward to active cooperation of IHC Members in sustaining this initiative.

Feedback from Students - (Feedback provided by students has been reproduced verbatim below)