Environment Friendly Measures At IHC

IHC has taken the following Environment Friendly initiatives at the Centre:

  • Replacement of HVAC chillers

    The 2100 TR HVAC chillers have been replaced with energy efficient chillers, which works with R134a, an environment friendly refrigerant. This has resulted in better efficiency and energy saving.
  • Installation of roof top solar panels

    Roof top solar plant have been installed with a capacity of 250 KW. The plant is fully operational, and producing a peak load of 250 KW. The per unit cost of solar energy is Rs. 4.99/unit, fixed for 20 years with no escalation. The savings per unit is about Rs. 5/- as per present tariff. This would go up in future as & when the tariffs are revised upwards. The entire solar energy produce is consumed in house use.
  • Installation of LED lights

    All the lights in the common areas and parking have been replaced with LED lights. This has helped in reducing the energy cost by approx.. Rs. One Lakh per month. Efforts will be made to persuade other agencies in IHC to take similar action.
  • Replacement of elevators

    The existing 15 elevators are being replaced with the energy efficient Mitshubishi, elevators, which may result in saving of about 30% in comparison to the existing elevators. The other 6 elevators have already been modernized. Thus by middle of next year all 21 elevators of IHC will be energy efficient.
  • STP

    An STP plant to treat the waste water of 300 KLD is functional, which is treating the waste water. The treated water is being recycled for Horticultural purposes and the treated sold waste is being used as manure.