Photosphere : Panchatattvas The Road Ahead

Exhibition Details:

IHC’s Photosphere is the first Indian photo-festival that brings together the spheres of photography and sustainability through exhibitions, workshops, talks and more.

From December 1st to 31st we will be unveiling to the public the Photosphere exhibition Panchtattvas…The Road Ahead, in the outdoor spaces of the Habitat.

We will be displaying the works of the four awardees who were given grants under Photosphere to create a body of work around the theme of sustainable development. They are:

Shraddha Borawake, an NYU graduate who is undertaking an impressive installation work as an ‘ode to the earth’ as she creates layered, complex works revering the Earth Mother.

Harikrishna Katragadda armed with an MA in Photojournalism from the University of Texas, Austin, has worked with Steve McCurry. He will be documenting the pollution of the Ganga using intricately textured cyanotypes.
KR Sunil, a sculptor and photographer from Kerala, is also undertaking an investigation into a study of water and its significance in Kerala as he documents the ponds of Kerala, their importance, degradation and beauty.
Monica Tiwari, a Delhi based documentary photographer, will be mapping the lifestyle changes in children of migrant parents by understanding the effects on their education, health, and social well-being, in the context of global¬ warming led migrations, in the Sunderbans.

Alongside there works will be works created by the awardees’ mentors, senior photographers in their field. Their works are enumerated below.

Through his starkly beautiful images, Parthiv Shah is exploring important ecological issues facing the world such as how plastic is corrupting our natural beauty.
Bandeep Singh’s evocative works give the impression of the crowded city of Kolkata releasing pressure on the Hoogly.
Prabir Purkayashta’s suites of elemental images rooted in Buddhist philosophy explore how the unmanifest becomes manifest.
By superimposing poetic images of the Aravallis on the walls of the Habitat Centre, Aditya Arya is investigating how, in this region, there is a little bit of the Aravallis in everything.

In addition:

The artistic director of Photosphere, Dr Alka Pande, will use the visual metaphor of the descent of the Ganges into Shiva’s locks to speak of the regenerative properties of the Ganges and of the five primordial elements.

Inventor and multiple media artist, Ashim Ghosh urges the audience to engage with diverse issues of sustainable development through his multiple media installation that will feature funky, dynamic artwork implementing a never before seen technique.

Engaging with the political ecology of oil, ice and water, Swiss artist Ursula Biemann interweaves vast cinematic landscapes with documentary footage to narrate a changing planetary reality.

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