This week, we start a unique dance feature, reconstructing the history and heritage of Indian dance. IHC collaborates with Ashish Khokar, reputed dance critic, author, and archivist, for a focus on how Indian dance forms evolved, who were its chief architects and where these forms stand today. Through a series of specially curated dance films and features, with historical evidence from the famed Mohan Khokar Dance Collection, we bring you a canvas of dance and dancers, stars and gurus of Indian dance. The Mohan Khokar Dance Series begins on 17 September, marking the 20th death anniversary of the founding-father of Indian dance history, pioneering scholar and collector Prof. Mohan Khokar.

IHC CONTINUUM, this week, showcases leading Flautist, Pt. Ajay Shankar Prasanna, son and disciple of Pt. Bhola Nath Prasanna from the Banaras Gharana. Prasanna is well known for his incredible melody, fluency in his renditions, maturity, and dexterity in his performance in both gayaki and tantrakari styles of playing.

September Readings from Kavita Bharti convene readings by Sitanshu Yashaschandra (Gujarati), Arun Kamal (Hindi), Koushiki Dasgupta (Bengali) and Leeladhar Mandloi (Hindi).

Our Habitat Film Club family is not forgotten. The Express Film Club presents a webinar with the filmmaker and team of Jude Anthany Joseph's latest rom-com Sara's. Our monthly dispatches from Glimpses of Culture, presented by art historian, film maker and photographer Benoy K Behl, discuss Dance of Liberation of the Lamas. From his wide travels and journeys to corners of India and Asia, he shares the story of a fascinating tradition rooted in Buddhist Philosophy.

For those passionate about birds and nature and seeking fresh ways to connect with the endlessly fascinating world of birds, Early Bird offers a free ecopy of Handbook For Bird Educators. A curation of ideas, activities, projects, games and overall best practices for children, amateur bird watchers, or naturalists, created with inputs from seasoned nature educators.

Our curation of Rang Smaran returns this week with a lecture featuring renowned actor and theatre artiste M.K. Raina.

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