About VAG

Visual Arts Gallery of the India Habitat Centre has come a long way since its inception in the July 2000. The India Habitat Centre has established itself as a locus, a platform for cultural activity, where there is an opportunity to display creative talent or witness excellence on display. The Visual Arts Gallery has been a hub of uninterrupted art activity spanning different genres, and crossing many a boundaries. From the visual art to seminars, and now traversing the path of the digital world, the Visual Arts Gallery has a finger on the pulse of contemporary art trends leading to a sharing and union of energies and ideas. The Gallery works in a multi-dimensional manner. From showcasing two-dimensional works to three-dimensional works, we are trying to bring the best of art traditions both nationally and internationally. There is also an interface between what is termed 'high art' to popular art traditions, very much in keeping with the philosophy and vision of the India Habitat Centre.

In the last fourteen years, as perhaps the largest non-profit centre in the country, we have been supporting art, crafts, material culture, emerging talent, and also the medium of photography. The immediacy of the medium of photography forms an inherent trajectory of the visual arts. Photography is now a serious art practice and we have hosted works by some of the well-known photographers of the country, namely Amit Pasricha, Amit Mehra, Prabir Purkayastha, among others. Their photo exhibits indeed herald the coming age of photography, and speak of the new levels to which photography is being taken.

Exhibition Calendar for this Month!



27th Sep - 03rd Oct, 2022
“#art@10” - A group painting exhibition by Ananda Moy, Banerji, Dattatreya Apte, Gayatri Apte, Harpreet Singh, Prasanta Kalita, Ravindra Verma, Rita Prasad, Shovin Bhattacharjee.

05th Oct - 06th Oct, 2022
EXHIBITION - Annual photography exhibition by the diploma batch of Raghu Rai Centre for Photography.

08th Oct - 09th Oct, 2022
Transmutation - Contemporary Art Exhibition A group painting exhibition by Vipul Mittal, Ramonkar, Chander Shekhar, Dalip Chandoliya, Anil Kohli, Urvashi, Manish Rao, Ranjeet Verma, Ranveer Singh

11th Oct - 17th Oct, 2022
Street Art Is Alive - Bruno Art Gallery presents a group show of Israeli and International Pop and Street Artists - Andy Warhol (USA), Mr.Brainwash (USA/France), David Gerstein (Israel), Uri Dushy (Israel), Charles Fazzino (USA), Itzik Mevorah (Israel), Anu Malhotra (India), Marcus Botbol (Israel), Arnaud Nazara Aga (France).

19th Oct - 23rd Oct, 2022
Plural India - A collection of art throughout India by renowned artists Ram Kumar, T Vaikuntam, Jeram Patel, K G Subramanian, Suhas Roy, Lalu Prasad Shaw and others.

29th Oct - 31st Oct, 2022
Healing & Happiness - Canvases By Anu A solo painting exhibition by Anu Trigunayat.



30th Sep - 02nd Oct, 2022
Divya - A solo painting exhibition by Ruchi Agarwal.

04th Oct - 06th Oct, 2022
Vibrant Rajasthan - A solo painting exhibition by Priyanka Banerjee

08th Oct - 09th Oct, 2022
Eternal Grandeur - A duo painting exhibition by Shuchi Garga & Udai Warman.

15th Oct - 19th Oct, 2022
Guftagu - A pottery exhibit by Studio potter, Raveena Suri. 

21st Oct - 22nd Oct, 2022
Songs of Earth - An exhibition of recycled material, for Diwali lighting and gifts, by artisans with disabilities. 



08th Oct - 09th Oct, 2022
The Red Door, MH 360° - A Mental Health Festival That Celebrates Diversity, Empathy And Collective Well-Being. Envisaged as a rights-based and celebratory safe space for people for all hues, the festival brings some of the most pressing conversations on mental health to the forefront, with an emphasis on a 360 degree, multi-factorial approach to emotional healing. The festival will have panels and talks, with experts weighing in from across India and the world; workshops that aid self-expression in different ways and cultural events that highlight marginalised voices.
Timings: 11:00 am - 09:00 pm



03rd Oct - 06th Oct, 2022
Cities of Tomorrow - NIUA presents a photographs exhibition “Cities of Tomorrow”. Cities are often viewed from the perspective of urban planners, civil engineers, architects, bureaucrats, and politicians. But how about viewing them from the lens of their residents? The CITIIS program, anchored at the National Institute of Urban Affairs, organized a photography competition across the 12 cities under its ambit to offer citizens a chance to become photographers and capture the impacts of sustainable and innovation-driven projects in these cities. Selected entries, assessed by a panel comprising esteemed photographers - Raghu Rai, Ketaki Sheth and Sounak Banerjee, are now being displayed in a public exhibition to not only showcase the scale and scope of CITIIS, but to highlight the on-ground effects of urban development projects in India that aim to provide millions of citizens with safer, healthier lives.

08th Oct - 18th Oct, 2022
Sharmi's Art Beyond Tradition - Masks made of Wood, Conch and Metal and Art of Bengal - revival and preservation of forgotten artworks of Bengal.

13th Oct - 09th Nov, 2022
In Search Of An Oasis - Embassy of Switzerland to India and Bhutan and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, in partnership with the Visual Arts Gallery presents an exhibition of photographs. A tender petal of a dying rose, a tuft of avian plumage pulled apart in a mating ritual, an empty packet of crisps adorned in red, white, and blue all blow in the same breeze. Each of them carried along, seeking suitable refuge to lay down and decompose. All of our bodies age at distinct speeds, yet none can escape from this cycle of decomposition. But for some of us, we possess a tremendous ability: the agency to modify the conditions in which we rest. To take from the words of Algerian-French agroecologist Pierre Rabhi ‘ it is through sustainable cooperation that we have the capability to imagine and create an oasis, even in the most hostile conditions’. 10 photographers across the breadth of India were commissioned to capture the plurality of interventions being taken against the onslaught of climate change.